Our Experience

Flow Improvement Initiatives Support Services

SyntheSys has provided end-to-end IT product and improvement program management support for an ambitious effort to improve patient flow performance in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers.  We have helped turn innovative prototype Emergency Department patient tracking and Inpatient Bed Management applications into nationally deployed products for managing acute care patient flow across over 150 hospitals in the system.  We have also managed adoption and benefits realization of those products and helped developed an improvement program structure that works with staff at VA hospitals to use those applications to coordinate, manage and improve patient flow across the system. Our services have included overall program management support, strategic planning, requirements analysis, agile product owner support, training, deployment, and adoption management services.

Requirements Visualization

We have been pushing the frontier of requirements analysis through the use of requirements visualization tools in our design and facilitation of user requirements sessions for web-based desktop and mobile applications.  Recently, our expert facilitators and modelers have worked with clients to define an innovative mobile stroke pathway management application for use in Emergency Departments.  In addition, we have helped clients define workflow applications, performance dashboards and medication reconciliation applications.  Our requirements visualization approach is part of a model-driven requirements definition methodology specifically designed to help users define workflow enablement applications that require tight integration between the new application and workflow processes.

Deployment Support Services

SyntheSys has significant experience in managing large scale application deployment efforts that involve close coordination between software developers and users.  We have managed multiple deployments of new and enhanced functionality across user populations that number in the thousands.  Our deployment support begins with user acceptance testing where we pilot approaches for training users.  We have provided expert advice on deployment phasing to ensure change is implemented at a speed that can be absorbed by users.  We have designed innovative deployment readiness sessions for site leads and organized training workshops to prepare trainers for training users.

Lean Six Sigma Facilitation

We are experienced in applying Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies to healthcare process improvement efforts. Our Black and Green Belt trained facilitators are experienced in helping customers define improvement opportunities, measure process problems, analyze root causes, define and implement improvements, and establish process controls.  We have recently teamed with an innovative performance dashboard provider to build a Lean Six Sigma improvement offering that leverages the power of their product for continuously improving process performance.