Company info

SyntheSys is a healthcare operations and information technology company. Founded in 2010, the company provides full-service consulting to its clients, helping them plan, design, and implement performance improvement programs that leverage the power of health IT. We are experts in implementing workflow solutions.

Company Mission

We exist to envision, design, and deploy transformative, multi-dimensional improvement strategies for our customers.

This process requires organizing and facilitating coordinated change on multiple fronts, including financial, technological, cultural, and operational. Despite this global approach to adaptation, we ensure that change is always positive in nature by constantly measuring customer performance across a variety of metrics.

In order to execute our vision, we’ve brought together a talented team with experience in multiple disciplines and partnered with other firms that share our values and have a commitment to helping advance this mission.

Company Vision

We envision a world in which healthcare services are fully integrated – with one another and with the patient through each stage of their healthcare journey. In this world, relevant information on each patient is readily available and easy to access. Advanced data management techniques and devices provide constant feedback and help monitor a variety of success metrics that ensure each customer is given the most personalized, precise, and efficient care possible.

From an organizational standpoint, this type of full-service integration not only improves the quality of service provided, but also the efficiency of its provision. Faster communication, improved coordination, and enhanced resource management will enable healthcare facilities to better control their costs, as well as improve the services delivered and care provided.

We are aware of the complexities involved in a vision of this scope and have committed ourselves to facing them one-by-one along with the support of our business partners. This is an exciting challenge and we are proud to work alongside healthcare providers, whose dedication to helping others serves as a constant inspiration on this path to improvement.

Core Values

  • Fostering an environment of collaboration between all parties
  • Identifying the fundamental problems and solving them for cascading improvements across an organization
  • Maximizing the value we  provide to customers from the initial communication to final implementation
  • Overcoming boundaries by employing an unconstrained creative process to challenge perceived limitations
  • Accepting challenges we are genuinely passionate about and committing to thorough execution