Who We Are

SyntheSys sits at the intersection of healthcare operations and information technology. Implementing adaptive technologies to healthcare services enables our clients to access information of expanded scope and detail, improve response speed and precision, and track performance metrics with greater control and ease.

With the adoption of innovative flow improvement, SyntheSys has found success in multiple improvement strategies, including:

  • EHR Implementation
  • Business Process Management
  • Patient Flow Optimization
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Care Coordination

SyntheSys works with a variety of business partners to enhance our value offering to clients. Our partners include:

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We are proud to be a member of the following organizations:

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SyntheSys is a healthcare operations and information technology company. Founded in 2010, the company provides full-service consulting to its clients, helping them plan, design, and implement performance improvement programs that leverage the power of health IT. We are experts in implementing workflow solutions.

Company Mission

We exist to envision, design, and deploy transformative, multi-dimensional improvement strategies for our customers.

This process requires organizing and facilitating coordinated change on multiple fronts, including financial, technological, cultural, and operational. Despite this global approach to adaptation, we ensure that change is always positive in nature by constantly measuring customer performance across a variety of metrics.

In order to execute our vision, we’ve brought together a talented team with experience in multiple disciplines and partnered with other firms that share our values and have a commitment to helping advance this mission.

Company Vision

We envision a world in which healthcare services are fully integrated – with one another and with the patient through each stage of their healthcare journey. In this world, relevant information on each patient is readily available and easy to access. Advanced data management techniques and devices provide constant feedback and help monitor a variety of success metrics that ensure each customer is given the most personalized, precise, and efficient care possible.

From an organizational standpoint, this type of full-service integration not only improves the quality of service provided, but also the efficiency of its provision. Faster communication, improved coordination, and enhanced resource management will enable healthcare facilities to better control their costs, as well as improve the services delivered and care provided.

We are aware of the complexities involved in a vision of this scope and have committed ourselves to facing them one-by-one along with the support of our business partners. This is an exciting challenge and we are proud to work alongside healthcare providers, whose dedication to helping others serves as a constant inspiration on this path to improvement.

Core Values

  • Fostering an environment of collaboration between all parties
  • Identifying the fundamental problems and solving them for cascading improvements across an organization
  • Maximizing the value we  provide to customers from the initial communication to final implementation
  • Overcoming boundaries by employing an unconstrained creative process to challenge perceived limitations
  • Accepting challenges we are genuinely passionate about and committing to thorough execution

Daniel Swedberg

Founder & President

Mr. Swedberg has a distinguished history of high-energy, strategy-focused management and technology consulting in the health care industry.  He has extensive experience with health care delivery and information technology issues facing the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Military Health System, State Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial healthcare organizations.  He has over 25 years of health IT services industry experience with responsibilities ranging from strategy consulting to new venture development to IT services business development to IT services business management.  He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and is passionate about helping health care systems shift to patient-centric care models and unleashing the power of business process management, performance dashboards, and Lean Six Sigma thinking to improve the delivery of health care services.


Virginia Riehl


Virginia Riehl has been working in healthcare IT for over 30 years. She specializes in optimizing the value of IT investments by health care organizations by facilitating strategic planning, project management, system acquisition, system design, development, implementation, and operations redesign to match the requirements of new applications.

Gary Tyndall MD

Gary Tyndall, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Gary Tyndall, MD led Emergency Medicine in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as its National Director of Emergency Medicine for 10 years and shaped the delivery of emergency medicine services to Veterans across the VA health care delivery system. He also served as Chairman of the Optimizing Patient Flow & Technology Group, working to implement real-time operations management processes and systems across the full acute care setting. He brings deep understanding and knowledge of emergency medicine, outstanding healthcare operations management skills, and experience in managing change in a complex healthcare delivery organization. During his tenure at VA, he standardized care delivery processes across over 100 Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers and used process analytics to establish continuous improvement capabilities across the entire system.

Flow Improvement Initiatives Support Services

SyntheSys has provided end-to-end IT product and improvement program management support for an ambitious effort to improve patient flow performance in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers.  We have helped turn innovative prototype Emergency Department patient tracking and Inpatient Bed Management applications into nationally deployed products for managing acute care patient flow across over 150 hospitals in the system.  We have also managed adoption and benefits realization of those products and helped developed an improvement program structure that works with staff at VA hospitals to use those applications to coordinate, manage and improve patient flow across the system. Our services have included overall program management support, strategic planning, requirements analysis, agile product owner support, training, deployment, and adoption management services.

Requirements Visualization

We have been pushing the frontier of requirements analysis through the use of requirements visualization tools in our design and facilitation of user requirements sessions for web-based desktop and mobile applications.  Recently, our expert facilitators and modelers have worked with clients to define an innovative mobile stroke pathway management application for use in Emergency Departments.  In addition, we have helped clients define workflow applications, performance dashboards and medication reconciliation applications.  Our requirements visualization approach is part of a model-driven requirements definition methodology specifically designed to help users define workflow enablement applications that require tight integration between the new application and workflow processes.

Deployment Support Services

SyntheSys has significant experience in managing large scale application deployment efforts that involve close coordination between software developers and users.  We have managed multiple deployments of new and enhanced functionality across user populations that number in the thousands.  Our deployment support begins with user acceptance testing where we pilot approaches for training users.  We have provided expert advice on deployment phasing to ensure change is implemented at a speed that can be absorbed by users.  We have designed innovative deployment readiness sessions for site leads and organized training workshops to prepare trainers for training users.

Lean Six Sigma Facilitation

We are experienced in applying Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies to healthcare process improvement efforts. Our Black and Green Belt trained facilitators are experienced in helping customers define improvement opportunities, measure process problems, analyze root causes, define and implement improvements, and establish process controls.  We have recently teamed with an innovative performance dashboard provider to build a Lean Six Sigma improvement offering that leverages the power of their product for continuously improving process performance.