Our Services

We provide a full range of IT product management services, ranging from up-front planning and requirements definition to agile product owner support services to deployment and implementation.  We specialize in managing workflow products where the challenge is effective integration of IT products and business/clinical processes and practices.  Services include:

Model-Driven Requirements Definition

We recognize the desired impact of IT on enabling a new process management approach to operations.  Our model-driven requirements definition approach begins with process definition and uses visual modeling of requirements to help users “experience” IT products before built.  We understand the dual need for process standardization and the need for flexibility as we help customers define configuration requirements and effectively communicate requirements to developers.

Agile Product Owner Support

Whether acting as the day-to-day business owner representative in development team meetings or organizing user acceptance testing, our team of informatics professions ensure that requirements are accurately translated into IT products during development and testing.  That requires a blend of expert project management and facilitation skills as well as clinical and business operations and information technology domain knowledge.

Deployment and Implementation

For us, deployment represents the all-important integration of new IT tools with workflow in a way that process standardization goals are met with minimal disruption to on-going operations.  We provide change management, communications, training, and adoption management services to ensure success in this important phase of product management.