Our Point of View

The Problem

Several decades ago, industries began shifting toward a process-oriented approach to business. This approach focused on providing end-to-end visibility around the business’s processes and placed particular emphasis on service delivery.

Today, healthcare is undergoing its own shift toward process-based management by creating an electronic record of the care provided to patients. This first step, while crucial, is just the beginning of an industry-wide transformation in providing care. Making progress on the “Triple Aim”—improved patient experience of care, improved health, and reduced cost—is the ultimate goal.


Our Solution

SyntheSys works with clients to define and implement improvement objectives, using a wide portfolio of change management strategies that begin with the implementation and adoption of Electronic Health Records.  Once that basic platform has been established, we focus on three advanced performance improvement strategies that build off EHR infrastructure to address fundamental drivers of cost, quality, and health goals:

  • Patient Flow Management
    Termed business process management and/or Lean Six Sigma in other industries, this methodology focuses on redesigning the core process in providing healthcare: patient care delivery.
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
    Once basic process technologies have been implemented, they can be associated with the management of patient care delivery to improve clinical workflow by providing clinical decision support tools.
  • Care Coordination
    The final step is to extend patient care delivery capabilities to support a longitudinal health management methodology that fully incorporates patients, beneficiaries, members, and customers into the value chain.

Our strength in strategy development, IT product management, and change facilitation enable our clients to design and execute a customized program to manage the implementation and adoption of the strategies listed above.