What We Do

SyntheSys sits at the intersection of healthcare delivery operations management and healthcare information technology management.  We recognize that information technology is an enabler of healthcare services,  yet we also recognize that it is the greatest strategic driver of improvement opportunities in healthcare today.  Our team can help you capitalize on those opportunities by leveraging information technology without sacrificing your business direction over the process.

Let us aid your organization in managing that crucial gap. Our demonstrated experience with aligning information technology and healthcare business processes will help you achieve performance improvements in the following areas:

  • Bed Management: balancing capacity and demand in real-time
  • Process Management: tracking and streamlining Emergency Department patient journeys
  • Mobile Integration: adding patient and provider devices into the clinical workflow
  • Flow Improvement: monitoring and optimizing patient stay metrics
  • Operational Analytics: designing and interpreting performance dashboards
  • Surgical Workflow: enhancing processes from initial consult through peri-operative care