• SyntheSys combines healthcare management and healthcare IT.

    Professional Services in Healthcare

    Our health informatics professionals help bridge the gap between healthcare operations and healthcare IT.  We facilitate communications between clinicians, healthcare executives, and IT professionals to translate improvement potential into performance results.  The result is a true SyntheSys of technology and workflow.

    Our Experience

  • Transformation by Design

    Transformation by Design

    The delivery of health care services is undergoing transformation driven by information technology innovation.  Understanding the nature of that transformation and strategies for aligning transformation with performance improvement goals is what SyntheSys does best.  We understand the operational elements that need to be aligned to make transformation happen. We understand the need for a continuous improvement perspective in implementing improvement strategies.  We also understand the underlying improvement levers that enable those strategies.

    We call our approach Transformation by Design—an intentional innovation approach for improving health care delivery

    Our Process

  • Product

    Integrating Health IT into Comprehensive Solutions

    Our suite of services span the entire problem solving lifecycle—focusing on effective integration of IT into clinical and business workflows. That requires engagement in:

    Define Requirements Develop Software Deployment
    We help define and visualize requirements. We facilitate agile elaboration & testing. We ensure operational readiness and adoption.

    Our Services

  • the-problem

    Solving Problems

    SyntheSys specializes in solving operational performance problems facing hospital emergency departments.  Emergency departments are the front door for hospital services and represent significant management challenges.  We help address those challenges.

  • dmaic

    Our Solution: Performance Dashboard Enabled Lean Six Sigma

    We help emergency departments transition to an evidence-based approach to management using lean six sigma process improvement and performance dashboards to make the transition.

Success Stories

SynthesSys has enjoyed success working with healthcare providers in the public and private sector.

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What We Do

Our multi-disciplinary team and business partners provide full services consulting.

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Leadership Team
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We have over 30 years of experience providing healthcare consulting & product management.

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